The aim of the project was to combine the concepts of “Showroom, Office and Factory” in a single structure. From this point of view, the scenario and first sketches that support this trilogy fiction were revealed. Wood-metal and marble were applied in harmony throughout the project. When the fabric and leather we used were added to this, and when we supported the space with natural greenery, harmony showed itself.

When you enter the building, Taurus black marble walls and columns, Carrara marble and walnut slats behind the counter stand out in the foyer area. This harmonious view at the entrance of the building, which consists of the vertical garden in the background of the spiral staircase existing in the current setup and the glass lightings, each of which is handcrafted, greets you like a welcoming committee.

After going up by following the spiral staircase, when you turn right, you reach the boutique area, and when you move to the left, you reach the secretariat and the executive room. The showroom creates a catchy photographic image with velvet curtains, metal separators used between curtains, and planting behind the separators. It is possible to host different customers at the same time in the Showroom, thanks to the color change of the carpet on the floor, the separators used for the presentation of the metal color chart used as a transition surface in color changes, and the long presentation tables in the centers of the areas and the sections created with barisol pendant lighting.

Boutique area is a special area. The boutique welcomes you both as the last venue of a walking scenario on the upper floor and as a pleasant place where our customers will carefully host their own A+ customers. There are stainless columns connected to the floor with metal flanges at the 4 corners of the space. On the floor you are on, parquet-like and 2-color herringbone LVT material was used. On the ceiling, a whole mirror following the entrance door between the suspended ceilings and bookmatch rainforest marble was used on the wall, starting from the end of the mirror.


When you turn left after climbing the stairs, you will see the executive rooms. In these areas, wooden-dominated walls and ceilings and parquet were used on the floors. In the executive room, the pattern was removed with the combination of metal and parquet on the floor. The entire layout of the executive rooms was rearranged to meet customer demands. The curtain-metal-plant relationship used throughout the project was continued with the differences in colors in this area. The colors and designs reflecting the different characters of the 3 managers were created. Lighting and moving furniture were specially designed and produced.

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