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Grup Medika is a well-established and reliable company that has been operating in Bursa for years. Therefore, while designing the interior of the firm’s new polyclinic, a simple, comfortable and different design approach was adopted, which preserves the identity of the firm and adds value to the quality created by the firm with its design setup.

Both interior design project and implementation were done by Hiyeldaim. One of the most important thing to considere while designing a health facility that this facility has to be prepared for all kinds of situations.

When you enter Grup Medika, you are greeted by the entrance corridor and the counter. Although the counter, waiting area and entrance are located in the same place, the entrance waiting areas, which constitute the distribution area of ​​a health polyclinic, and the patient’s circulation areas are separated from each other by customizing.

In the entrance area, the entrance way of the space and the waiting area are differentiated with the materials used on the ceiling and floor. Furniture suitable for long-term sitting was used in the waiting area. Considering the comfort of the visitors, charging units and reading areas were placed in the waiting lounge, and a playground was defined for pediatric patients.

Throughout the polyclinic, the user circulation flow is directed by the floor lines. The color differences used in the ground lines were used as a trace that guides the user to where he wants to go.

The glass

In order to express the room numbers and to provide privacy at the same time, the room numbering system was made by sandblasting large numbers on the glass partitions which are used to provide transparency and spaciousness in the examination rooms. Comfort has been increased in the examination rooms with details such as emergency call buttons and grab bars. The areas open to the use of patients were defined with the different color of the frames used in the wooden doors. Special fabrics were used to achieve the right acoustics in the audiology room. By using black-out curtains in the Eye Clinic, a suitable dark environment of over 95% was provided for examination.

With the balance of the materials used, the general sterile atmosphere and comfort of the place was ensured, and a pleasant and lively polyclinic was created.

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